Svenja Jander is a young and established fashion designer and master tailor based in Munich.

Per request, ladies can have their bridal or evening gowns customized and fitted, and men can
have business suits tailored and altered to their desired fit. In addition, custom-made accessories
can be ordered or a favorite article of clothing can be remade. For all of these and more, you have
Svenja Jander – highly recognized for her fine taste, skills, experience and creative work.

Unique and exquisite dresses, accessories and everything your heart desires are all available to you
in Svenja Jander’s boutique located in Munich’s famous Glockenbachviertl or in the online shop.

Elegant, quality and traditionally-inspired Bavarian dirndls with a Svenja Jander touch can also
be found in some of Munich’s high-end and luxury stores and boutiques.

We look forward to seeing you in our boutique.

Svenja Jander and team.